Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Modeling Unit 1

Today we finished up the third day of our chemistry modeling workshop. We also finished up Unit 1 of the curriculum. This unit is probably the same unit that is done at the beginning of every chemistry class in the nation.

We discussed mass, volume, density, solids, liquids and gases. We covered unit conversions and significant figures.

Sound familiar?

I have been through that unit more times than I can count. Yet I have never come away with a feeling that my kids have understood a word I have said*. This feeling is always reinforced a few weeks (days) (hours?) later when density is mentioned again. You know the look kids give you that makes you want to check to be sure your hair hasn't turned purple? I get that a lot.

This feels different. Granted, I haven't tried it out on actual teenagers, but I just get a sense that this could work. It could possibly be that I came away with a better understanding. I minored in chemistry. I have taught this for years. I KNOW this stuff. But now I feel like I can truly TEACH it. And maybe, just maybe, my kids will be able to LEARN it.

*Truth be told, they probably didn't.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Again, thank you so much for blogging about the workshop. I am impressed you still have the willingness, energy, and time to write after a full day of intense work.

I've added you to my blogroll, BTW. Great stuff here!

Tracie Schroeder said...

lol My brain is fried :) Seven hours of chemistry is an awful lot! Oh, and I haven't done my homework yet!

Jason Buell said...

Stop teasing me with your words of excellence! I need details! BTW, I thought you were on twitter, but I can't find your name. I'm @jybuell. Frank is @fnoschese (sorry if that was a secret Frank).

Anonymous said...

Are you at this workshop in TN?

Mrs. Tenkely said...

I am looking forward to the posts after you have "tried it out on actual teenagers". I have a feeling that your enthusiasm and renewed excitement for teaching will be infectious!

Unknown said...

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