Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a Nerd

I'm a terrible housekeeper. I hate to sweep and mop and dust and pretty much everything that goes along with cleaning.

But it's starting to get to me. And apparently my mother as well. She sent me an email with a link to the FlyLady. I sighed and admitted defeat and made a (short) list of household chores that I want to do every day.

So I do them every day. And then I put a star on the calendar. If I fill up my calendar, I get a reward. I know, I know, but it seems to be working for me.

The big problem is that I don't ever know what to reward myself with. Know what I picked this time? Two of Marzano's books.

What a nerd.

And I can't wait to read them.

Our district allows us to team up and do a book study for PDC points, so I am going to send an invitation out to our staff to see if anyone is interested.

I would like to extend the same invitation to you. Anyone interested in working through this with me?

Full disclosure: I have never been a part of, much less led a book study group, so I would be learning along those lines as well.


Mama Rachael said...

I love flylady! She has helped me get the household stuff under control and has encouraged me that I can be a more organized teacher, too. I'm interested in these books, but not sure I've got the energy to read more stuff right now. I'd love to hear about what you learn, though.

Jason Buell said...

If you check the #sbarbook tag on twitter FAaSBG was the second book read. Currently they're doing How to Give Effective Feedback.

Mrs. Videtich said...

I read Marzano's "transforming classroom grading" this summer. Don't think I want to buy the Form Assess book now, but curious as to the diff b/w books. Will check out the twitter tag.

Mrs. Videtich said...

comment on a diff blog entry: I'm trying sbar in my chem class too. interested in your rubrics. plan on posting those?

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