Friday, December 9, 2011

This is Why My Job is So Much Harder

During my seminar, students are not allowed to go anywhere if they are failing a class.

Yesterday I sent a student to a teacher whose geography class she was failing. Today, she was so excited that she was now passing that class. She said that by going in to talk to him about her grade, he was willing to give her an extra 50 points just for having a good attitude.

I really can't compete with this.

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John Head said...


I am a fellow chemistry teacher (in training). Over the past few months I have created specific goals for my first few years of teaching. One of my goals is to create a website/webpage of great pedagogical blogs.

There seem to be many great teaching blogs out, but it is impossible to hunt therm all down. I believe we teachers need a web based headquarters of sorts.

You are the first blogger I have contacted, so I am wondering if you are interested in this project? It's time to kick the educational process into the 21st century!

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