Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stop the Insanity...

Today I gave my chemistry class a fun page. There is an old Christmas story written by Bob Jacobs that has the names of elements scattered throughout. Some are obvious, some are not so obvious. The idea is to identify as many element names as you can. My kids jumped in and were having a great time highlighting and laughing about the play on words. Then it got hard. Someone found sixty three names and I told them that I know there are over one hundred and to keep looking. And the Googling began. Seriously? This is not for a grade, not for extra credit. This is simply meant to be a fun activity and a break from what we were doing.

NOTE: Because of the high demand for this particular activity, I am posting it here. The only thing I have changed is the name of the Ebneezers at the beginning. Have fun!

Christmas Story

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Anonymous said...

The activity sounds like fun. Is this story online? Where can I find it? I Goggled and didn't see anything.

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