Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, What Did You Expect???

I have this kid. Does nothing. He would sleep through my class every day if I let him. He will sometimes stare at the paper and pretend to write stuff down. Has yet to turn in an assignment this quarter. So we took a test yesterday. As usual, I went by and woke him up. Told him if he didn't want to work, he could go to the office. He looked at me, kind of surprised and actually somewhat upset and told me in all honesty, that "I don't know any of this stuff." Well, duh. I don't doubt that. I asked him why he thought that was a haven't listened to the lectures, let alone taken any notes, you don't participate in the labs or do any of the work. I guess what really got me was the fact that he talked like he had been participating, like he had done everything he was supposed to and THEN didn't know the material. This is what frustrates me most.

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