Tuesday, February 2, 2010

But It's Not on the Mainland...

I'm sitting here watching a college basketball game. Kansas State and Nebraska (go Cats!). One of the K-State players is from Puerto Rico. You know, the island that is a United States territory and therefore, a part of the US. One of the announcers (I don't know his name) keeps talking about the "foreign" player. When it was finally pointed out that Puerto Rico is, in fact, part of the US and that would make this boy a US citizen, the announcer, instead of admitting he was wrong, tried to cover it up. "Well, Puerto Rico is not part of the mainland of the United States..."


What about Hawaii? Is Alaska considered part of the mainland US?? I am pretty sure there are small islands off the coast of Florida. And Texas. Are the people who live there considered Americans? And let's not even try to talk about Guam.

This point is one of the things that frustrates me the most as a teacher. A student makes a comment in error or does something against the rules. 98% of the time, that student will automatically deny it. I can sit and watch little Johnny texting on his phone and he will try with every cell in his being to tell me it wasn't him.

Why? What does arguing with me accomplish? What is wrong with admitting you were wrong?

How else will you learn?

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