Monday, February 8, 2010

No Wonder I'm Behind

We switched to a trimester schedule this year. It is like a block schedule, but we meet everyday for 12 weeks.

I love it. We were on an 8 period day with 47 minute classes. Now we have a 6 period day with 68 minutes classes. Soooo much better. I don't feel like I am having to shift gears near as often and I (and my kids) can focus on getting something accomplished.

But as the end of our trimester looms up on us, I realize my Applied Chemistry class is no where near where they need to be.

We have had 4 snow days. The sophomores went the FHTC for a visit. And then our Mentoring hit my 4th hour 4 times.

Two weeks. Gone. That doesn't even count the days that the kids were absent for other reasons.

So what do I do? How do you handle missing 2 out of 12 weeks of school?

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