Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SBG: Step 1

After some calming breaths and a change of scenery, I am re-focused. I am going to focus on the Standards Based Grading and create the framework for that system and then add in Differentiated Instruction as it falls into place. Notice how I am assuming it's all going to fall into place instead of fall apart. "Positive waves, man."*

For each section I teach, I am writing learning targets. This is what I want my kids to demonstrate at the end of the unit. I am struggling a little bit with this. One of the great ideas I came away with Monday was to decide "what is critical". Not what I would really like to teach or what is interesting to learn about, but what is critical for a student in my classroom to come away with. Critical is a pretty strong word, and I am trying to narrow down my topics. I figure if time allows, I can go back and add in some more.

Here's a big step for me...they do not have to be graded on this!

Really. Before I started viciously breaking down my curriculum, I was of the mindset that every little detail I slipped into class time should be tested. Why else would I bring it up? I have, with some internal struggle, changed this view.

I am focusing on what is critical.

So far, my kids have not caught on. (Insert evil laugh)

*Oddball, Kelly's Heroes

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